Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday is Here!

ValStyle is featured on today's Fashion Bomb (!) offering you the chance to get your holiday party dress on with savings on us.

And - just because we loved it so much - Olivia Palermo's Style Lesson on how to update your party look, from this month's Marie Claire. Enjoy!
'Buy a great oversize clutch that works for day or night. Keep double-sided tape in your bag to shorten a hem in a pinch. Mix hard and soft, masculine and feminine. Overdress rather than underdress. Forget red and green for the holiday season - too predicatable. Try platform heels, which look hot but put less stress on your arches when you're standing all night at a party. Play with hot pink. Pack baby powder to absorb oil from both your hair and face. Load up on heavy gold jewelry. Invest in a long winter coat for evenings so your bare legs aren't exposed.'

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