Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let Us Introduce You to Your Maker.

What on earth do we speak of? Why, Chanel, of course.
It all began when our one of our girlfriends (who just happens to be the BEST web designer ever!;) comped us into the annual Pier Show along the Hudson this past Saturday.

Like many of you out there, we're in no position to over indulge these days. Like our fellow citizens, now more than ever, we must make our purchases count....but with the entry fee waived and the venue right in our neighborhood, there was no twisting of the arm required. We would simply hold back; head straight to our friend's booth and right back home.


As soon as we walked in... there he was.

Virgil. Also known as the hottest ticket in town!

We looked to our right.
We looked to our left.
Ooooooooodles of Chanel.

Chanel, Chanel, everywhere!

We simply had to stop, in awe, and admire.

We got to chattin with Virgil and learned he began simply as a collector, a fan of of the impeccably designed creations. Then one day, he decided to start selling from his collection and the rest is history. Now, known for his taste, hard finds and pristine assortment, his highness is in demand.
Virgil is living proof that passion truly does lead to success in business and has generously extended his friendship to ValStyle.

So, all the lucky souls who haven't been too affected by our struggling economy, you just got even luckier. Looking for your next Chanel bag?

Be in touch. We can help. ValStyle LOVES Virgil. We'd be glad to make your introduction.


Kim said...

My first time checking out the blog and I am drooling right now and imagining my Chanel reporter bag that I will purchase at some point next year.

Great blog/business.

Naki said...

Are you serious?! Are they discounted? Does he have a website? if I'm very very very good for the next several months I may consider getting one. Would love it if you can arrange an intro :)

Val said...

thanks kim!

and it's crazy, right? yes they are discounted -- unless it's a sold out in demand bag. they do have a website but i don't want to promote it b/c then i won't get the credit :/ i can absolutely arrange an intro tho. just holla at ya girl! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm in love with chanel I've been on the hunt for a reasonably priced Chanel without it being a horrible knockoff at such a high price (ahem ebay) Anyway do they carry the classic Chanel flap bags? I want those sooo bad

Val said...

do you mean the 2.55? indeed they do. email me if you are seriously trying to cop one.

btw, i´d never recommend eBay for a chanel. there are reputable sellers on eBay and what-not (i´m one of them) but still wouldn´t do it. not for Chanel.