Friday, September 19, 2008


and we're still recovering! Hence, it's taken so long to post...

Let us take you through our week:


When Socialite friend Malik "So Chic" Sterling mentioned he could use extra hands on the show he was producing, ValStyle was happy to loan out prized intern Teneke Noel.

It was quite a fashionable scene down in Chelsea.

Malik "So Chic" Sterling
Six Six Sick Member in Mischen

The show turned out to be the launch of avant garde line SAVANT started by designer Feng Feng Yeh who we learned was one of the original chicks behind the Tuesday party Six Six Sick at Happy Endings. The girls have since started a blog, which we perused and found rather interesting. (We fell in love with this post right here. That outfit is so sick!) Yeh has since left the group to work on SAVANT, and we don't blame her as she also holds a full-time job in sales at YSL.
Designer Feng Feng Yeh

How much do we at ValStyle love a multi-tasking woman? Let us count the ways.


A two hour wait at Colette x Gap's temporary boutique on Fifth Avenue forced us to miss this uber-exclusive giveaway at Bryant Park

but scored us a couple of the 50(!) Longchamp totes that were released in the US and only available also in Paris.

Our love affair continues. How else could we be up, dressed, full of coffee and on line at 7:20AM for the friends and family sale? Didn't help that it was publicized all over New York. We had to get our weight up for this event. With dreams of acquiring a Muse or Downtown bag and the perfect running mate in tow,

we were on this one. Not even a line of 50 ahead of us

nor the anxiety-laced line quickly building up behind us

or even a rickety operation of malfunctioning credit card machines and having to "leave purchases behind until phoned" could stop us.
Ladies and gents, we did not disappoint.

Check out our current offerings @ ValStyle Online, or set an appointment to visit The ValStyle Closet for much more.


Our lovely friend Ise White was hired to style the Stephen Burrows show and we couldn't have been happier to attend! We arrived just in time for the towering Andre Leon Talley to graze us on his flight upstairs, only to find him perched outside of the showroom by a bucket of single serving bottles of Piper Heidsieck we when got off the elevator. Prob not the best seat to wait in as an accidental spill caused him to leave before the show started :(
A bit of a bummer to see him go, but an exciting scene nonetheless - Miss Jay in the front row, countless magazine editors and the most pleasant run-in of the day - Norma, owner of Spoonbread Inc, who told us she used to model for Stephen Burrows! We surely stuck around, and it was marvelous. Our favorite look of the collection:

An eventful week by any measure!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Label Lust vol III

So, this season, my famed JCrew rainboots

receive compliments no more.
Let's go in for a closer look.

Yep. Dunzo. 3 years of New York wear-n-tear will not allow for another winter.

So I've been thinking of going Hunter...but am not completely sold.

Enter Loeffler Randall. Already placed firmly in fashionista hearts for mastering the art of the comfortable and stylish winter boot

and, of course, the delicate yet edgy

awesomely chic flat sandal.

(sidebar: the following delicious 5 1/2 gem hits your favorite virtual store shortly...

along with many other sick finds from the notoriously treacherous Barneys Warehouse Sale -- which was especially picked over this year....but ya'll already know ya gurl is the best Warehouse Sale Shopper alive! ;)
Back 2 the brand at hand. This fall LR introduces their Matilde version of the rainboot, a slight wedge heeled wellie to keep you dry in rain or snow.
Barneys has already ordered the yellow

and some online retailers picked both yellow and black.

What do we think, hot or not?