Friday, August 22, 2008

Romper Report.

When you're a professional shopper, friends and colleagues alike look to you for thoughts on trends, style suggestions and tips on where to find specific goods. So when a girlfriend recently reached out for guidance with her foray into the jumpsuit movement, I was delighted. I'd just met a friend of a friend who was styling a lovely light denim urban outfitters score the day before.
This, along with having seen them everywhere--from the red carpet
to a casual LA day in the life of Young Hollywood

to fashion editors' everything-old-is-new-again editorials--sparked this here report. One of the greatest things about living in New York City is that fashion is everywhere, ideas abound left and right. I came up watching the natives' individual sense of style. Thus, eager to please, we here at ValStyle went into passion mode: racking our brains, scouring the web, getting tips from fellow pro-shoppers, and snapping shots of our peoples to deliver the information to you.
Here were our findings:
Quite an assortment at Urban.
A couple of highlights

A C&C Organic terry jumpoff in one of our major color obsessions, navy.

Great for the beach, lounging poolside...indoor or out.
And, of course, irreplaceable vintage.


Intel from our dashing galpal:

"Vintage rompers are always a good look if you can find them...Bebe Noir in Harlem had a cute, simple romper in their store a few weeks ago...don't know if they still have it. Was pretty inexpensive...maybe $80 or so."

We're predicting loads of rompers throughout the city this labor day weekend. Now, they may not work in NY once fall gets underway, but they sure will work for a weekend in Miami.

The ValStyle Closet holds one super exclusive, hella sassy black eyelet number acquired from Beth and Melissa at New York darling line Thread Social.

Could be a great look come resort.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Label Lust vol II

Okay seriously - what are the chances either of these will go on sale?
I know, I know......a girl can dream!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Label Lust.


UPDATE: Barneys has added this genius hobo to their co-op collection in black, dark portobello and NEON GREEN. "Get your 80's on," they call it. what do you say? yay or nay?