Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Been A Long Time

Shouldn't have left ya'll, without a blog post to check for. Well folks, things have been quite busy here in Midtown West. Lots of shopping, lots of shipping, and lots of very happy customers.

Some of our favorite trades over the past month include:

And, of course, there are the new acquisitions that didn't even make it to ValStyle shoots:

Yes, yes ya'll, we've been pleasing quite a few New Yorkers lately...and ever since the site launch, other Americans too!

One shopper from Missouri writes of her LeSportsac Riviera Nolita Tote:
I opened it as soon as the delivery man dropped it off and I love it!

Another satisfied customer from Alaska writes of her Botkier Bianca Satchel:
Thanks for being so accomodating on shipping. Absolutely amazing bag. Lovely!
A thrilled shopper from Santa Monica wrote of her Jimmy Choo Orange Suede Shoulder Bag:
I absolutely love it! You are the BEST!!! Thank you so much. A+
And another from Nebraska of her Kooba Meredith Bag:
Thank you for a gorgeous bag and superb service!
*Sigh* Music 2 a Personal Shopper's Ears :)
In other exciting news, Teneke Noel joins ValStyle as its very first dedicated intern! And what a wonderful worker bee she's proving to be. Here she is plugging away:

Say Hi Teneke!

You know what this means for ValStyle: More, more, MORE.



musebox said...

Hi, got to your blog from your eBay listing -- what a great business you have going! As a former entrepreneur and fashion lover myself, I just wanted to say Keep at it! :)

musebox said...

Agreed on the newer Botkiers -- I think Spring 07 was her strongest season -- you can see all the past ones here: . I think it's true the Biancas are gone! I have two mediums I'm hoarding. And two Sophies -- they're just such a great bag, making all the key things accessible -- so let's keep fingers crossed that Monica has a better season coming up!

Soulistic Healing said...

yay!! congrats on the business!!! who are those HOT models??? lolol xoxo

Val said...

thanks! the models are some super hottie friends of mine. more on them soon -- oh, and one in particular -- Shirley Johnson? Boy is she SMOKIN! My male friends ask about her ALL the time!